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About the Owner

Bryerton's Military Miniatures was established in 1988 as a distributor of famous maker new and antique toy soldiers manufactured and created by companies and artists from around the world. The company has grown to include Collectible Military Miniatures and Figurines, Toy Soldier Books and Kits, Restoration, Repairs, Appraisals, Custom Figures and Dioramas, Custom Toy Soldier Chess Sets, and Miniature Civilian Figures. While primarily a mail order business, there is also a showroom in Chicago featuring a large inventory of items on display and for sale.

About the owner

Bart Bryerton was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and has been an ardent student of military history for over 55 years.  He has been collecting toy soldiers since his boyhood, and what began as a simple childhood playtoy soon became an overwhelming passion.  He began seriously collecting toy soldiers in 1983, and he enjoys painting his own figures as well as collecting them.


His love of toy soldiers and military history led him to begin collecting antique militaria and artwork, as well as books.  He travels extensively to Europe to add to his collection and to work with toy soldier manufacturers in procurring new and unusual product for his customers and himself.  While his knowledge of military history and collecting spans all periods of history, he has a particular interest in World War 1 Imperial German, French and British.


He brings an unparalleled expertise to the field of collecting military history memorabilia. And he loves talking to other people who are interested in the subject as well. 


Bart is a member of the MMSI (Military Miniature Society of Illinois),  the National Rifle Association, the Western Front Association, the Pritzker Library, and the U.S. Naval Institute. In addition, he was Secretary and Vice President of the Napoleonic Alliance, a distinguished organization whose members enjoy the study of Napoleon and the Napoleonic era.